Former Vice President of the United States, Albert Gore, was a famous environmental activist. He later mentioned that the man who led his path to environmental activist was professor Roger Loebel, an authority on climate measurements that he met during his time in college. He has been a vice president and had a great impact on environmental legislation in the United States of America and in 2007, with the IPCC, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to climate change. Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do Green Campus Council is working on projects to make the second and third Albert Gore. In the era of Earth preservation, we would like to ask for universities participation for future green leaders.


  • As ethical awareness and responsibility for climate change and environmental problems are increasing worldwide, the role of universities capable of sustainable development, as a cradle of human resource development, the need for environmental education are increasing.
  • In order to develop sustainable development, it is necessary to establish and support subjects that can bring up the integrated minds of environment, society, economy of the university subjects.

Business Purpose

  • Open of curriculum for sustainable development and response to climate change in new or existing courses at the university.
  • Training the future green talents through the courses.
  • Enhance awareness of local sustainability and climate change through cooperation with local organizations.

Business Purpose

Training next-generation Green Leader who are ready

  • Training green leader based on sustainable development
  • Training future generation by cultivating knowledge on environment and sustainability in the field of education or culture.

Strengthening the University's Sustainable Development Education Foundation

  • Strengthening the sustainability education function of universities through integrated economic, social and environmental education
  • Raising awareness of sustainable development in the region through cooperation with local communities
  • Strengthening Gyeonggi-do's ability to respond to climate change in response to the Paris Agreement and Energy Vision 2030

Promoting Green Leadership Certification

  • Green Leadership Course Certification given to all those with Green Leadership course completion
    Gyeonggi Province Green Leadership Certification Pilot Promotion → Leadership Training Course Completion History Management

Support Contents

Costs for establishing and operating curriculum for the development of Green Leadership curriculum (covers all aspects of the sustainable development curriculum that can integrate the entire social field such as environment, climate change, society and economy) or the development of curriculum for 16 credits in the 2nd semester and courses related to it.

Universities Applied in Recent 3 years

Year of Application University Applied Note.
2015 Kyunghee University,/ Hanshin University
2016 Kyungdong University / Kyunghee University / Shinhan University / Hanshin University / Hyupsung University
2017 Catholic Univerity / Kyungdong University / Shinhan University / Hanshin University / Hyupsung University