The Gyeonggi-do Association for Green Campus Initiative contributes through the following projects to promote Green Campus business.

International Forum

The Initiative promotes exchanges between domestic universities and overseas universities through international forums on an irregular basis.

AASHE To visit their site
ACTS To visit their site

National Assembly Forum

The Initiative holds a forum every year under the support of the National Assembly to receive legal and administrative support for the green campus efforts that the university voluntarily promotes through the National Assembly Forum..

Infrastructure Improvement Project

Green campuses consist of hardware (buildings and facilities) and software (classes, club activities, etc.). The Council also supports the hardware business on an irregular basis.

Training to Advanced Areas

In Korea, the Green Campus Campaign started in earnest in 2008, but in Europe and America, the Green Campus Campaign has long begun. Therefore, we are considering about the part that will be combined with the Green Campus Movement of Korea through this field trip to advanced areas.

Green Campus Staff Training

To facilitate the understanding of the council university, we are conducting irregular training for green campus staff.

Domestic and Foreign Networks

The Initiative steadily promotes domestic and foreign networks to activate the Green Campus.
We will continue to support the Green Campus through various projects