Thank you for your visit to Gyeonggi-do Association for Green Campus Initiative Homepage.

Currently, Korea is striving to become an advanced contry in the environment and contribute our efforts to cope with climate change. As you know, in June 2015, the Korean government has decided to reduce ‘national greenhouse gas reduction target by 37% compared to its emission estimate of 2013’.

Ladies and gentlemen, the role of the university in the climate change era is very important. The increase in energy consumption at the university has far exceeded the total building energy consumption, but structural problems make energy mangement difficult.
In particular, universities are made up of multiple complex buildings, which means that they have been neglecting in energy conservation and management even with their high energy consumption. At this point, I believe it’s not just my own idea the fact that the Gyeonggi Green Campus Council’s mission became very important.

Respected Green Campus Officials!
Out of all, I think that the university should fulfill its social responsibilities by focusing on the synergy effect through universal countermeasures against cliamte change and the foundation for the sustainable development of Gyeonggi-do. Therefore, I would like to emphasize the following two points for such dynamics.

First, it is essential for university members to change their perception and participate. We plan to organize a part of education and research into programs related to climate change and low-carbon green growth, and will help to promost comprehensive and efficient green campus campaign by forming network as part of the exchange and cooperation between universities.

Second, university would like to establish a foundation for systematically managing energy consumption, such as the installation of new and renewable energy facilities and the introduction of TMS (Integrated Maintenance Service) so that low carbon Green Campus can be achieved.

Now, the university’s response to climate change is a must, not an option. I sincerely wish universities take responsibilities for climate change and put efforts to respond to the development of Korea.

would like to share my gratitude to all who have worked hard for the Green Campus, and wish that the Gyeonggi Green Campus Council will gain higher status and honor.
Thank you.

Gyeonggi-do Association for Green Campus Initiative Chairman
Sungkyul University, President
Lee Sang In