Green Campus

Universities that provide education, research, management, and regional community cooperation for sustainable society based on the participation of all the professors, students, and faculty members, which are main agents of the university

  • Establish Green Campus management system and declare sustainable vision
  • Establishment of greenhouse gas inventory and creation of low-carbon, eco-friendly campus
  • Cultivate raising talents through sustainable development education and expans environmental education in the social field
  • Practice environment-friendly living by fostering environmental campus club

Low Carbon Green Campus
University's Practice for Sustainable Society

Gyeonggi-do Association for Green Campus Initiative is...
It is a council that a group of universities in Gyeonggi-do gathered to voluntarily participate to fulfil social responsibilities to prevent global warming and promote sustainable development on March 25, 2010.
Currently, 62 universities (based on 2017 Dec.) are participating within Gyeonggi-do. We are developing Green Campus strategies and action programs, studying the role of universities in realizing a sustainable society, and implementing practical projects.


  • Synergy effect through universities’ responses to climate change
  • Forming of foundation for sustainable development of Gyeonggi-do
  • Recovery of homogeneity of community for universities through greening of campus
  • Communal responsibility of regions universities are located
  • Training of future green leaders by improving lifestyle through education

Gyeonggi-do Association for Green Campus Initiative Vision and Strategy Promotion

Vision Sustainable Gyeonggi-do Green Campus Implementation
Goal Building of Gyeonggo-do type Green Campus Model
Strategy Promotion 1 2 3 4
Low-Carbon Green Campus Physical Foundation Building Low-Carbon Green Campus Software Strengthening University Student Capacity Integrated/ Efficient Management and Operation of Gyeonggi-do Green Campus Project
Budiness Direction
  • Promotion of Facility Improvement Public Project
  • Enable Integrated Monitoring System
  • Introduction of Gyeonggi-dp Green Campus Certification System
  • Building of Green League Foundation
  • Introduction of Green Leadership Course and Promotion of Credit Exchange Program
  • Provide Institutional Foudnation of Green Campus Movement Diffusion
  • Providing a Broad and differentiated Educational Plan Through the Provision of Green Leadership Curriculum
  • Opportunity fo Provide Practical Chances for University Students and Clubs
  • Expanding the Scope of Perspectives by Providing Opportunities for Communication and Exchanges Between Broad-based and University Students
  • Securing All the Projects Related to Strengthening Hardware, Software, and University Capacity are Integrated and managed to Secure a Driving Force for the Low-Carbon Gyeonggi-do Green Campus Movement.

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