Organication and Operations

조직도 조직도


Position Requirements Work Info.
Chairman Elect a Representative through Meeting Representation of Council
Vice-Chairman Elect a Representative through Meeting Performing Chairman’s tasks when absent
General Assembly Institutional members (collge, universities) Institutional members (collge, universities) Council, election of members
Advisory Committee Commissioned by the operating committee Technical and administrative consultation of council project
Operating Committee University representative body, expert, office Planning and promoting the council project
Office Green Gyeonggi 21 Practice Committee Proceeding of the council business
Subcommittee Elect operating committee Special Business Operation

List of 5th Executives

Position Name Affliation and Position Note
Chairman Lee Sang-In President of SungKyul Univ.
Vice-Chairman Wo Wan Gi President of JangAn Univ.
Audit Min Jin-Young Deputy Head of Citizens’Coalition for Democratic Media Visiting Professor of Humanitas College of Hyung Hee University
Audit Song Ik-Young International CPA Former Secretary General of Chongshin University
Operating Committee Representative Joo Si-Hu Professor at Hyupsung University


Position Name Affliation and Position
Executive Director Jung Tae- Jung

Operating Committee

Division School Position Name
School Representative Hyupsung Univ. Professor Joo Si-Hoo
Kyunghee Univ. Secretary General Kim Dong-Ho
Kookje Univ. Professor Han Seok-Woo
Dongnam Health Univ. Professor Cho Ki-Chul
Myungji Univ. Dept. Director Kim Sung-Chul
Sungkyul Univ. Administrator Choi Cuk-Muk
Suwon W. Univ. General Manager
Shingu Univ. Team Director Lee Dong-Won
Shinhan Univ. Administrator Son Un-Hong
Anyang Univ. Professor Lee Seung-Hun
Osan Univ. Planning Director Jung Su-Ah
Hankyung Univ. Professor Kim Kyung-Ryul
Hanshin Univ. Professor Lee Sang-Heun
Hyupsung Univ. Planning Director Ko Jung-Hyo
Provincial Assembly City Environment Committee Counciler Vacancy
Research Institute Gyeonggi Research Institute Researcher Ko Jae-Kyung
Korea Energy Agency Gyeonggi Region Headquarter Department Director Kim Myung-Do
K-ECO Administrator Jung Deuk-Jong
Civic Group Green Korea Activist Kim Se-Young
Great Nature Executive Secretary General Kim Jae-Kyun
Firm Joeun Energy Co., Ltd Executive Director Choi In-Su
Gyeonggi-do Climate Atmosphere Division Director Kim Jae-Hun
University Student Daejin Univ. University Student Council President Lee Kyoung-Uk